“High” on Baby Soap???

Just a real quick “WHAT THE HECK!!” report:

In 2012 the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill performed a study in an effort to find out why so many newborns were testing postitive for tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) acid, the active principal in marijuana.

BathtubWell, it turns out that there a good many of these tests were false-positive for marijuana exposure and it was eventually discovered that there are certain brands of baby soaps, washes and shampoos which were the culprits.

Medscape.com reported that investigators at UNC tracked down the products through testing baby wipes, gauzes and diapers with drug-free urine samples. Different products were then tested against these and the false-positives resulted.

Researchers aren’t quite sure why these particular products caused the false-positive responses  but surmise that there must be a reaction between certain ingredients in the washes and soaps that is similar enough to a positive response to actually read as ‘positive’.

“What does this have to do with me?” you may well ask.  Only this: it is the responsibility of all hospitals and health care professionals to report any suspected drug abuse regarding children, whether that may be exposure at risky levels or at levels which may pose a danger to in-utero fetus’ and/or their mother, to Child Protective Services.

The purpose of this research was to insure that people were not falsely accused of endangering their infants and children and so risk losing custody of them unnecessarily.

Now, this study was performed because of newborn testing, so it doesn’t necessarily follow that older toddlers may wind up with false-positive readings. However, there is plenty of research with which you can familiarize yourself, just to be on the safe side.

Please visit the Medscape article and familiarize yourself with the list.

If you recognize one of them as something you habitually use, it might be wise to store it in the cupboard until your child is a bit older. And if you find you might have to stock up on a different brand or formula of baby soaps and shampoos, you could easily be able to find a great bargain by visiting Good Deals 24/7 !