Journal of Journalism

I am a writer.

Well, I’m also an artist and I also have an “outside” job at present as a Quality Control agent for MD247, one of our local companies. As a matter of fact, although I credit Pinklightsabre and Mama’s twilight whispers in my spiritual ear for inspiring me to “get going”, I have to say that my first book, whichever one it may be, will bear a “Thank You” to the man who actually gave me the incentive to make this writing thing a priority.

Thomas Meehan. My boss-boss (meaning the owner of the company!), who was the very first unrelated, objective person that I know to say to me, “I really love the way you write!”

Anyway, I have four book manuscripts in various stages of disarray.  First, of course, is “Mama Always Said…”, which has been the easiest by far, since I obviously knew her for, like, ever! The title of the book is self-explanatory. I feel absolutely certain that everyone in the world will be able to relate to it in a first hand manner. Am I wrong? Heck no! The kicker is that there is an additional chapter, “Granny taught Mama…” and another, “Daddy Tried to Say…” (or something of that ilk!) that takes into account that Mama may have been the matriarch, but she was taught by the best, and without Daddy, she wouldn’t have had the chance to strut her stuff!

Book Two: “If It Wasn’t for the Forest, You Couldn’t Even See the Trees!” This book is based on my career as an ordained Christian minister and the sermon topics I have written. I figured, what the heck, not everyone likes to go online (especially the old fossils that are my age or older!), so why not just publish the darn things and be done with it. Actually, it might be a stretch calling them “Sermon” topics, but well, I’ll post some previews on WordPress when I get everything organized!

Book Three: When I started writing for the company, I discovered I loved to research the health issues of the day. Weird and fantastic history lessons, mind-boggling discoveries of cover-ups all over the world, going back as far as 500BC, even a collection of those (slap my forehead, light pops on), “OMGosh! I never knew!” “Ah HAH! ” moments. These articles were not written in the dry, strictly textbook manner that most medical/health articles are written in. There’s a bit of humour for the more sensitive conditions, but there ARE statistics cited and some serious issues relating to the medical conditions discussed. Again, I’ll submit previews, probably before they’re actually ready for publishing.

Book Four:  Prose, Poetry and Some Pretty Darn Good Short Stories”.   I lost a husband in 2000. We hadn’t been together for very long…only four years. I actually went home to Mama and Daddy to care for them as they were not in the best of health, besides getting up in years. I was there for over a year when, out of the clear blue sky I was reunited with an old flame. He had lost his wife several years earlier, so it seemed providential at the time, that we should find each other again; I, at the age of 46, he at the age of 49. During a short period of reacquaintance via the United States Postal Service and Ma Bell, I found my romaniticism and wrote a whole book of poems, mostly love poems…about 200 of ’em. So, there you have Book Four!

I’m sure I have another two or three books inside of me, but time will tell!

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