Health & Well Be-ing

My first semi-professional, freelance project was writing articles for the company for which I work, MD247. The company is all about telemedicine, which is proving itself to be very relevent to our future health care. There are so many aspects to the technology of Telemedicine, from simple consultations with a doctor on the phone or online, to using roving robotic assistants (I’m sure most of you have seen the commercial where a robot enables a sick, homebound child to participate in the classroom) and “smart phone” technology, new applications for which are being developed every day.

Actually, from Germany to the UK, Los Angeles to Dallas to Tampa FL, the ability to get a doctor on the line immediately and, through a one-on-one consultation,¬†get a simple diagnosis of an uncomplicated medical condition and have the help you need to get better is now quite commonplace. And nearly every state has access to this type of medical care, with “in-house” video conference consultations available in many of the larger pharmacy chains. Well, you get the idea.

There are so many medical conditions out there that can be mistaken for simpler (or more serious) illnesses. It really behooves us all to be willing to educate ourselves about our bodies, genetic propensities, the varying ways that certain medications may affect us and, most especially which of Nature’s “medicines” are valid and which are just being touted as a cure-all. When we really ponder the route that health care is going, it’s critical to be able to take care of ourselves to be as healthy as humanly possible, but to recognize those times when talking to that doctor in medicine is necessary.

I find I enjoy doing the research it takes to write an interesting, informative article, though I must warn you, the only dry part of these works are the necessary technical or statistical facts that are important to the subject at hand. Of course, when I say “research”, I’m not referring to the in-depth, technical facts that a medical student must have in order to complete a thesis; rather, I’m just an average human being who happens to have a real curiosity about the causes and effects of illness on the body, and who has enough of a way with words to maybe shed a little understanding on the subject to others.

There is also the issue of the different disciplines or styles of medicine: Western, Eastern, Wholistic, Natureopathic and Natural. I’ve spent a great number of years studying the active principles contained in certain plant life. I would say that, sadly, much of what I learned was lost in the space of time that it takes to suffer a mini-stroke, but I much too much of an optimist for that pity party! No, I will simply declare that, of all the years I would want to live over again, the only ones I could honestly enjoy would be the ones I spent in the woods, the fields and the library…and learn it all over again!

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