About Balance the Circle

It’s all about Balance.

If we are going to have a long, contented journey through this life, then every inch of our existence depends on our ability to integrate all aspects of it in a fairly seamless fashion. Physical health will always be affected by our mental outlook and whether or not we are peaceful in our spirit…and vice versa.

Balance the Circle actually began life as an almost New Age type of idea, without the occultism. Anything that would inspire contemplation, or which would soothe the weary found it’s way home to us:  those old fashioned glass, capiz shell and brass windchimes, gazing balls (the kind you find in a garden), crystal roses, incense that would go straight to your busy mind and calm it, soft fabrics, art of all media…things that now you find mostly at that famous high end import store. Eventually books made the shelves, cassettes (OMGosh! who remembers those relics?!!) and a particular series of videos (also on cassette!) that used ethereal music and computer graphics as a meditation tool.

Then came that historic time in our social history where everyone could readily access the world wide web. Computers hit the libraries and we hit the computers. Balance the Circle went online as a store and expanded to include articles and newsletters, various spiritual-based workshops, services and the newly developed “Affiliate” opportunities. After a couple of years, it became more of a chore than a labour of love.

In short, Balance the Circle became unbalanced…along with everyone who was involved in it.

The dream never died and, although the “shoppe” itself became a homeless entity per se, it has found a new beginning in the “pages” of WordPress!

Yes, it’s all about Balance…

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