Attaining Balance…NOT a Solitary Exercise!

When I was just a little girl I used to ask my mother about our family history; well, actually I wanted to know only about her father and his people, who were Native American, and Granny’s people who were originally from the Emerald Isle. But Mama never wanted to talk about the indian side of our family because, back in the day, prejudice ran as rampantly toward the red man as the black. In short, it appeared to me at the time that she was ashamed of her native blood.

Now that I look back, I’m not so sure she was. She loved her daddy. I just think that she ran into that sort of bias when she was young and merely didn’t want to ever deal with it again. I was able to finegle stories from Granny about him but, funnily enough, not too many about her side of the bloodline. Oh, I got stories from most of my aunts and uncles (there were six) but nothing that could create a timeline, you know?

Family means a lot to me. If you ponder all the people in your family, you can recognize certain familial traits that are passed from one to another. Like most people, though, you will always notice one or two cousins, aunts or uncles who just don’t seem to “fit the mold”.

So just where did Aunt Susie get her daydreaming qualities from a family who were so serious that none of them would know a fantasy if it sucked them into a Dali painting? And how did Uncle Stuart wind up as this ornery old fart who was as mean as a striped snake, when nearly all of his family were the greatest of philanthropists?

For that matter, how did I wind up wanting nothing more than to paint, draw, sing and write my entire life when everyone else in my family went on to go to college (straight out of school) and make careers in business? I mean, I did go to college, even got a degree in accounting, of all things…but only so I would be able to understand my own finances when I make truckloads of money writing my first book!

The more you can trace your family history, not only the names of your ancestors and where they lived, but information on their characters and careers and day to day activities, then the better able you are to understand the “Who” of you.

Body, mind, spirit….it’s all genetic.

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