“Mama Always Said…”

I created this Balance the Circle account on WordPress years ago, but only now have finally decided to produce this, my very first post, which is supposed to be about  my book, “Mama Always Said..”, a work that has been in progress since 1983.  (sigh)  It’s been a long time coming but, having been branded “Procrastinator” at the ripe old age of four (a title to which I have stubbornly clung for nearly six decades), I think I will excuse myself by quoting what Mama always said: “I’ll be there when I get there.”

During the process of creation, Balance the Circle has evolved to include a number of subjects: Health, Telemedicine and Telehealth, The Body/Mind Connection and Journal of Journalism (which will be for my book writing endeavors and will likely contain the least number of posts!!). Incidentally, Journal of Journalism is destined to become a completely different site at some point, so if you miss it, look for the post that announces it.

I have to say that I owe this inspiration to “get on with it” to two people:  Pinklightsabre (“Death is Not the end”)…and, of course, Mama, who always had something to say about every situation in life. How Pinklightsabre became an inspiration to someone like me, who has a history of fearing any journey that takes me away from my comfort zone into risky territory will become obvious if you read that blog.

As for Mama, God rest her sweet soul, she simply hated whining and excuses.